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Antidote for Abhorrence | Radha Soami Sakhi

Antidote for Abhorrence

(नफरत की दवा) 

“If you want to remove the darkness, bring a light. By same analogy, if you wish to counter hate spread more love” 

Note- Article is originally written by Mr. Saurabh Sharma.

 Published by- Radha Soami Sakhi

We have often heard that life is nothing but the streak of choices we had make over the period of time. One such choice which we all made was “whether we believe in creator or not”? 
Now it may seem to be a very modest proposition, but it entails certain implications. If we remain true to ourselves and try to figure out why we look upon him in the times of trouble, we would understand when every hand falls short in our support, we fall back to him for aid.  

If we don’t believe in him, we have to owe up for everything that happens in our life whether such happenings were to our likings or not. It also becomes pertinent to mention over here that in such cases our actions are largely driven by our own thought process.

 So, if our thought process induces us to strive for own individual betterment so would our actions. While on the contrary, if we have a faith in him our thoughts and actions would symmetrically correspond with teachings of spirituality. The necessary implication is that it leaves us with no room for having ill-feeling, remorse, hatred, jealousy, discontent and like emotions inside us. The reason is quite obvious, that when we say we believe in him it comes up as an immediate corollary that we assume that creator cannot be isolated from its creation. 
If we are suffering from any of such emotions it is pretty obvious that we are contradicting ourselves. 
This brings me to the theme of this essay which seeks to put forth love over hate. Within the scheme of things, it seems quite reasonable to argue then what should we do if someone hates us in spite of no such mutual feelings.

 The answer is quite subtle that love him even more. Maybe it would rather lead him to hate us even more. But rest assured, the time would certainly come when that person would not able to handle that much amount of hate inside him and look to change his outlook towards us.  

It is here, I wish to reflect upon the opening remarks of this essay which pursues to draw an analogy. Assuming we are in a room where there is a want of proper ventilation and electricity, it is quite apparent that we have to bring an external source, like torch or candle, to observe what’s inside the room. If we create more darkness, it won’t serve our cause and would rather make our job grimmer. Having said so, we practically face same situations in our life where we often have to bring some external sources such as love, sympathy, generosity, etc. to remove the veil of darkness which surrounds us. This darkness is also a root cause for many other complications such as ego, anger, lust, etc. That is why love is an antidote for abhorrence. 

But it is easier said than done, as love is a gradual process. It definitely takes some time for one to realize that he/she is in love with something. That feeling is not automatic and rather build on mutual trust, confidence and compassion towards each other. As a seeker, we are often told by our Master that our duty is to knock the door and our presence is always registered. 

 Albeit, we are aware about it or not. We should not be much bothered about outcome because he never expects a particular outcome from his creation rather, he wants us to focus more upon the process. If we make our sub-conscious mind apprehend his presence in and around us every time, it will help us to be more receptive of his love. There is no paucity of love from his side but questions arise are we making our part of efforts to reach out to him. Our life is our story and it should naturally be written by every individual itself. Let’s wake up and make an extra effort to make him realize our presence and ensure that the choices we make are the one which brings us closer to our creator. 

“For love is god, and God is love”
Radha Soami Ji (With love from a Sewadar) 

Saurabh Sharma

Few words for Author-
A young, energetic and blessed writer. Always love to read his articles. So much knowledge and dedication in such age.
 May Babaji Bless his mind and soul.
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