Relation Between Me And My Master। Authored By Saurabh Sharma

Relation between me and my Master

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Originaly authored by Mr. Saurabh Sharma a young , talented , dedicated writer. And published to appreciate and encourage his precious work. Do share to encourage his as well

“Guru Gobind Do Khade Kake Lagoon Paun,

Balihari Guru Apke Jo Gobind Diyo Bataye”

                        -Saint Kabir Jee

The term master signifies someone, who is knowledgeable and responsible for
transmission of that knowledge with the zealous pupil. But in this context, I shall
qualify an adjective before it, i.e. ‘Spiritual’. The relation is therefore between me
and my spiritual master. The spiritual master is one who not only educates his
keen followers about the importance and purpose of one’s life but also create a
bond between themselves. This bond is of special importance, though many
scriptures and holy books around the world have already talked about it. It is this
bond which though forged in material world, had hardly to do anything with this
material world. Rather it thrust for higher threshold, which galvanizes its
Before I mark upon what relation exist between me and my master, it is in the
fitness of things to make a mention that “what role does he play”. I would like to
reiterate that main role of any spiritual master is to educate his follower that there
is certain importance and purpose of life. This line would surely add to the
curiosity of the follower, that what does master mean by importance and purpose.
The master goes on to tell his keen follower as to how to lead one’s own life, what
is the main purpose, why are we target and what will we achieve after it. The
role then gets more complicated because more curiosity arises as between the
follower to know more and feel whatever his master says within himself. It is this feeling which brings him closer to his master (I don’t want to sound gender bias, so
please take a note ‘him’ also refer to ‘her’). The experience he talks about is
unmatched and unparalleled, as it centers within the domain of one’s own physical
being. It is only then; one realizes that master is playing too many roles, without
being noticed by the world. Some see it as reflection of god, some as parents, and
some as friends and so on and so forth. It is within this role, he makes certain
unilateral promise which brings me closer to him.
His aura is second to none, because he works like a magnet and the beauty lies in
his presence. For some it may be physical but for some it is just more than physical
presence. It is in this light that the role of master gets more diverse and also
onerous to understand. His presence becomes gift for us. His blessing is a sole
moto of our life. Above all, followers try to accept various phases and perspective
of their life, without questioning it. It is so because, they realizes that master would
always wish for their best and they don’t try to reason it out by cursing others or
himself for his fate. Then one reaches to that intellect to realize that he is a true
reflection of god, because without asking for anything (except for our own well-
being) he gives us too much in return. When we delve further, we realize a
profound love and that love is a reason for our existence.
“Love is god, and god is love”
That said, it brings me to another important facet, i.e. my relation with spiritual
master. It would be gross injustice, to bring out my relation with him in a particular
forms expressed through words and language, because it transcend all sorts of
physicality. It is not just the physical existence rather my own consciousness which
owes everything to him. Therefore every word about my relation with him is reflection of that.
For me, the relation with my spiritual master is crystal clear. It goes like this “One
is a source and other reflection of that”. It means he is the reason of my existence
and if I could evoke a term my to assume ‘my own identity’, it is because of him.
Therefore our relation is pious. He has been power of love and I have been its
recipient and it is me who owe him.
But to understand it more properly, I would like to refer to him as my father. But
some may argue that how can we say some one as our father, in spite of the fact
that he is not genetically related or charged with fostering our physical growth or
well-being. Well to me father is someone who shoulders the burden of our
responsibility, so that we can become stronger to realize our motive and offer same
care and affection to our descendant. Here care and growth need not necessarily be
our physical growth but it could also be our spiritual growth and it is in this context
my spiritual master happens to be my father. He has given us purpose for our life
by nurturing our soul and making us realize that ‘what we have lost so far’. He
promises to stand by us in every single time, even though hardships are its peaks.
The very reason, we feel comfortable about our life as to its sequence, uncertainty
and end result is because of him. As a father, his role just don’t end there as like
every father he is also full of hope, that we his children won’t disappoint him and
discharge our duty in the light and spirit of his guidance and instruction. His
happiness is attached to our well-being, and it’s our spiritual upliftment for which
he cares the most.
Keeping these narratives in mind, I want to sum up my submission by deciphering
what Saint Kabir Jee said (as mentioned above opening para) that one’s it
happened that my master and my lord were standing before me to meet me, and I
have to choose whose feat should I touch first (an Indian custom of greeting our
elder with respect for their blessings) and at that moment I realize that I should touch the feat of my master. The reason on which he relied was that, one is a
means (spiritual master, i.e. in this case Guru) and the other an end in itself (god
himself, i.e. in this case ‘Gobind’) and it is because of this means only I was able
to reach that goal or end.
Babaji ki pyari sad sangat ko Radha Soami g

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