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Who Am I ? What is Self Realization ? - Saurabh Sharma

“Naa kar bandeya meri-meri, Naa teri naa meri, Chaar din ka mela yeh duniya,  Fir miti ki dheeri” Baba Bulleh Shah
Often we heard our master saying “self-realization precedes god realization”. But what does self-realization really constitute of. Is it something beyond us to fathom or is it very much innate within us. There are tons of questions which often develop in our mind. The most obvious being ‘do I really need to know myself’. As if these many years are not enough for me to realize ‘who am I’ or ‘am I laboring under wrong assumptions, till yet’. Does such realization take me to the path where I really ought to be? These are few of such anomalies which are quite often prevalent inside us.

Even though this journey of self-realization is often marred with lot of mysteries, yet, it is instilled with a clear path. But before dwelling into this path/journey, let’s appreciate its importance in our life. Again, let us take the basis from master’s teaching wherein he makes us realize…